Plastic Fantastic

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Plastic fantastic is a concept I have been working on for some years. I got the idea after I saw the news about the environmental issue the plastic has created. The quote that gave me the inspiration was: “Every bit of plastic ever made exists somewhere”. That is also my work title for the project. The world won’t get rid …

Bilde Blues

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Bilde Blues is originally the title of an exhibition I had together with my husband, Ole Petter Almaas, in Gallery Zink, Lillehammer in 2013. Most of the pictures from the exhibition are shown here, as well as past and later works under the same theme.        


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A mix of earlier artwork POSTCARDS: The idea was to interpret freely 20 iconic black and white photos from the press in an enlarged post card format. The intention was to put events, tragedies and idylls together into a contrasting entirety. A serie digital collages created to an invited exhibition with a theme: “Bread  for the Art” in Galleri BOA, …

From time to time

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This theme is rooted in my upbringing in the 50s and 60s. The idea came from an old photo of a girl in a white dress that was lined up next to a shiny American car. The place where the photo was taken is the only thing that is left today. I concentrated motives about the everyday life and the …

Livsgods (A lifetime of goods)

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Livsgods is inspired by my deceased mother in law. She was born in 1914 and died in 2013. We took over and cleared her house. What struck me was how little she had thrown away and the big difference on her life and mine. What a human being leaves behind tells a lot of history and because she was so …


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 Offspring (Avkom) Avkom was the title of a separate exhibition in Gallery BOA, Oslo (artists of Oslo/Akershus) in 2003. All the photos had children with in the pictures. The word offspring could be used both positively and negatively, a bit cynical, but also modest. The motives range from an Afghan math book to a 17th of May celebration. Many are …

Embellishment and assignments

Anne Nilseng Collage, Paintings

 Embellishments and assignments The first job is for the museum Maihaugen/Bjerkebæk and conservator Kjersti Braanaas Moen. She would visualize an excerpt from Sigrid Undset’s letters and make a summer decoration in the foyer of Bjerkebæk. The theme was Undset’s own quote: “Der er skønhed at finde overalt”. The banners were composed digitally and was printed out on partially transparent textiles. …