About/ CV

CHILDHOOD. I was born in the city of Lillehammer, Norway a cold day in February 1952, at the same time as Oslo hosted the Winter Olympics. I grew up on Suttestadjordet with both my parents in full time jobs. My mother Marit worked as an accountant, while my father worked as a journalist at the local newspaper. By the time I was 14 years old I had three younger sisters. I used my youth to draw, mainly in themes like fashion and movie stars. I graduated at Lillehammer High School in 1971 where I had art history, crafts and drawing as special subjects. My art teachers were excellent. One of them, Morten Paulsen, helped me to get into Bergen Academy of Arts and Crafts after high school. He was amazing to follow up on the demanding application.

EDUCATION. At the Bergen Academy of Arts and Crafts I finished my three-year study in graphic design, and then a fourth diploma year. These years were the best of my life both professionally and socially. Most of my teachers were pros, we got a lot of freedom and the school was open all day long. Everything was perfect! I became a member of UK/NBK in my second year, and attended a number of exhibitions during the years at the school in Bergen.

ART DIRECTOR. To earn some money, both my boyfriend and I had to work some years in the advertising industry. I worked as an AD in Ervaco Bergen for three years with fine customers as Den Nationale Scene, Grieghallen and Harmonien.

MOVED TO OSLO. After seven years in Bergen I got sick of all the rain and the advertising industry, so we decided to move. First, I went another year in school, in a city called Notodden, to try to be a teacher in art. My plan was to be a part time teacher and an artist for the rest of the time. But that never happened, because I am not patient enough. Simple as that.

Then I moved to Oslo, together with my husband Ole Petter. During Christmas in 1978 we got our first son, Mats. In the years that followed I worked for several advertising agencies as AD. I had some fun and exciting years in Klar Tale, ScanecoYoung & Rubicam, where I also won a number of awards for my good idea work and art direction. But, there were long and hard days, a lot of overtime and I had no spare time to be an artist. My free and artistic business were almost dead in the period from 1983 to 1997. In 1989 I gave birth to my youngest son, Jonas. In 1994 I started my own advertising agency, together with three colleagues, called Siste Skrik.

ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES. In the 1990s, the Internet was at full speed into the media selection in the advertising industry. It meant for example that creativity wasn’t that important anymore. I got bored, sold my shares in the company and stepped down to only work four days a week. In my spare time I rented studio and went to courses to brush up my technique and eye. The art pushed on me! I signed me up once again as a member of NBK and worked very well with the art for two days per week until we moved back to Lillehammer in 2008. That was when I started my studio at Fabrikken (www.fabrikken.org) and I have not regretted a day. At Fabrikken, I both work as a graphic designer and with my art.

As of 2017 I have better time and a more financial freedom to work only artistically. I like the most to have a deadline to deal with, a gallery opening in sight. But the battle for the exhibition places is tough. I have got several rejections for my applications in the year that passed. For example, I tried to get into the LNM for 2019, but I got rejected as 1 of over 160 applicants. However, I’m not giving up! On the contrary, I constantly submitting new applications. For instance, to exhibit in Bergen would have been great.