Welcome to my new website!

Finally! Now I have gathered all my work of art in one place. At first, I thought about showing a few, but representative art work. Then I trusted my gut feeling and went for «it’s better with too many than too few». Now I use this site not only to show you my work, but also as my own archive. The site is sorted in by its title or technics, and partly also by when it’s created. The project called «Plastic Fantastic» is something I still work on at this time and it contains paintings, photos and collages. I’m currently looking for a place to exhibit the project and will update you continually.

Note! Paintings marked (P.E) are either sold, disappeared or in private ownership. The rest are for sale. Please contact me by mail or phone for prices.    

I want to tell a story in each of my work and my ambition is to give my audience immediate experiences. It means that my expression should tell you enough to communicate and be abstract enough to be experienced as different and new. I’m not a fan of art that needs to be supported by a long text to describe it. The challenge lies in creating harmony at the same time as the images are dynamic. I like rooms with several layers in the photos that require more than 2 seconds of attention. Palette and shape adapts to the projects, but I hope that I now have an expression that many will recognize. Composition, structure, colour and light are very important. I work partially abstract, partly figuratively in both the paintings and collages. I use a lot of water and transparent medium in the paintings, as well as stencils, rags, plastic cards and knives. I often combine with charcoal. My paintings are mostly done with acrylic, but also adds oil if the acrylic is not agile enough.

I want to thank Ståle Jensen at Webio for the wonderful, instructive collaboration, Elly Prestegaard, who with pleasure allowed me to steal her site structure, Cecilie Owren for the portrait of myself and my son Jonas for translating the text from Norwegian to English.

Enjoy! I want to hear from you, so please give me feedback. Come by my studio at Fabrikken in the city of Lillehammer. It’s only a five-minute walk from the Lilletorvet.